Luxury, hand-painted yarn for knitting and crochet



About Us

Frederikka Payne has been dyeing and painting yarn for over 20 years. Her unique method allows her to express herself in a wide variety of colorways, from tonal to vivid multicolors.  

Each dye bath is usually made up of 6 to 8 skeins, depending upon the yarn. While similar colors do result, it is impossible to duplicate the same colors repeatedly. Each dye bath is unique, and is considered a work of art, not a production item.  Accordingly, we ask that you be very sure you have enough yarn to complete your project before beginning. 

We source our yarns from select European and British mills which use the highest quality fibres and production standards. The collection includes luxury fibres such as baby alpaca, ultrafine merino and other wools, silks and cashmere.  
Frederikka does all the dyeing herself, using only heat-set alkaline dyes. All of the yarns are washable and dry-cleanable. Many are superwash, and are clearly labeled. However, for best care of any hand-knit or hand-crocheted item, we recommend hand-washing, or a soak and spin in the washer, with no agitation.

Frederikka invites you to explore and enjoy these luxurious yarns and rich colors! Colors are posted as dyed, and removed once the dye bath is sold out.